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We host a vibrant array of events, both at Innovation Connect and in collaboration with the University of Portsmouth and Barclays Eagle Labs, aimed at nurturing networking, knowledge sharing, and innovation within our business community.

You can find a full schedule of Portsmouth events using this event calendar

Social events

Our members can look forward to a variety of social events, from our popular monthly Beer and Pizza gatherings on the last Thursday of every month, where networking blends seamlessly with delicious food and drinks, to our summer BBQs and festive Christmas parties that bring our community together in a fun and celebratory atmosphere. These events are all part of the vibrant and inclusive culture we foster at Innovation Connect.


University events

Our connection with the University of Portsmouth brings an array of enriching events to our members. These include informative workshops, networking sessions, public lectures, and conferences covering a wide range of topics relevant to businesses. You'll have the chance to engage with Entrepreneurs in Residence, tap into the expertise of the Faculty of Business and Law, and connect with the dynamic Female Entrepreneurs network.

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Eagle Labs events

Through Eagle Labs, you can access a wealth of events, workshops, and seminars designed to support businesses at various stages of their journey. These events cover a diverse range of topics, from digital skills and technology trends to entrepreneurship and innovation. They provide invaluable insights and resources that can help you stay at the forefront of your industry and grow your business. 

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